Free one-on-one financial planning advice and educational workshops. No strings attached.


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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at a local Financial Planning Day!

The concept is simple – local CFP® professionals will volunteer to provide pro bono one-on-one counseling and to present financial planning workshops to area residents. The benefits are plentiful – providing needed financial information to your community and raising awareness of the importance of financial planning.

Click a map marker below to learn more and register to volunteer at a Financial Planning Day in your area:

We hope the following information helps answer your questions about the Financial Planning Day. If you have a question not answered here, please feel free to contact

What should I bring to the Financial Planning Day?

You are welcome to bring a battery-powered calculator or laptop, but please note that wireless internet connection may not be provided. A notepad and a pen will be provided.

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What is the dress code?

Business casual attire is recommended.

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Why am I not allowed to distribute business cards or marketing materials?

The Financial Planning Day is organized to increase public awareness of the importance of financial planning and to offer pro-bono access to competent and ethical financial planning to those who may not otherwise seek it. We hope to educate consumers that financial planning is more than investment sales or an insurance policy, and to provide a starting point for those consumers who are intimidated at the thought of committing to an ongoing financial planning engagement. Attempting to form a planner-client relationship or attempting to sell any products or services during the event would defeat the very purpose of the Financial Planning Day.

Although volunteers are not allowed to distribute business cards or marketing materials, volunteers’ names and contact information will be included in the event handout provided to attendees. So, it is possible that someone you spoke with may contact you after the event.

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What financial planning topics will I be discussing with attendees?

Attendees will be informed that all volunteers hold the CFP® certification and are well-qualified to discuss a wide variety of financial topics. You are welcome to discuss any financial planning topics that you are comfortable discussing.

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How much time will I spend speaking with each attendee?

To make the Financial Planning Day experience available to as many attendees as possible, conversations will be limited to approximately 15 minutes, whenever necessary. You are welcome to extend the conversation beyond 15 minutes if there aren’t any attendees waiting for a volunteer.

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How many attendees will I speak with at one time?

During one-on-one counseling, you will assist one individual or one couple at a time. If you are presenting an educational workshop, you will be speaking to groups of individuals.

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Will my expenses for volunteering be covered?

While breakfast, lunch and refreshments may be provided for volunteers, other expenses, such as travel and lodging will not be covered.

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CFP® professionals volunteering as financial planners at Financial Planning Days are required to review the Pro Bono Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp consists of a 50-minute online presentation and an accompanying handout.  Click here to take the exam. CFP® professionals can receive 1 hour of CFP CE Credit.

Information in the Boot Camp will help prepare you for the event and help you get the most out of your experience as a volunteer. After you review the presentation and the handout, you will have satisfied the volunteer Boot Camp requirement.

If you would like to be a volunteer but have not yet registered, you can begin by finding an event near you.